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Who We Are

We are a technology company operating in Montreal, Canada we help companies in different industries from all over the world. This is possible through our team of skilled experts and years of experience in creating custom software, websites, and mobile apps. Our solutions place our clients at the forefront by not only dominating their competitors but by helping them build brands that create a lasting relationship with their customers.

Bala Groupe Technologies builds high-quality and affordable costume development, and we use the latest framework to build high-performance software with complex functionalities to help commercial entities reach their goals. With our User Interface (UI), and User Experience (UX) skills, our commercial websites are appealing and easy to use.

We can help to maintain and modernize your IT infrastructure and solve various infrastructure-specific issues a business may face.

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What We Actually Do

Website & Apps Development Services

We are a team that works and challenges each other to keep offering quality services to all our clients. We are dedicated to turn the dreams of our clients into reality and this is what we always do.

Our work ethic is centered on our clients’ businesses, we help them discover new possibilities. We use today’s technology to reach our goals as a custom software development company. Our team is constantly evolving and upgrading. This means that you, our prospective client, will choose to work with us because we’ll keep you up to date with the latest technology.

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We strive to maximize your ROI by providing proven business solutions that are superior to anything available in the technology market. What’s more, you’ll have a skilled team at your disposal that will not only help you reach your project development goals but lets you make a great deal of savings while you’re at it.

The software, website, and mobile app development sector has a lot of technology companies claiming that they deliver tangible results. This makes it hard for businesses as there’s a real chance of choosing a company that fails in all aspects and this will not only derail your goals but can cause huge losses.

We guarantee to provide businesses and customized platforms with high-value solutions that tick all the boxes. We assist our clients in risk mitigation by scanning and fixing errors and bugs throughout the products’ lifecycle. By using state of the art testing tools, our team can quickly fix these problems as soon as they arise.


Enabling enterprises to leverage technology for business growth and success. To earn Global admiration as an IT Outsourcer by delivering state of the art Software Services.


To assist our clients in achieving their desired business outcomes.


Delivering innovative and reliable solutions that meet our clients needs with utmost quality and unwavering ethics. We aim to provide distinguished software services in the global markets by constant innovation in Technology. We believe in sharing our knowledge and illuminating the surroundings by adopting an integral approach towards work thus creating a welcoming and nurturing environment that will enable us to increase our revenues consequently increasing the assets for all our stakeholders.


Partnering with various clients help in bringing fresh ideas into the table, thus improving our quality standards, accompanied with increased business productivity.


Deliver solutions to customers that help them meet their business goals by making their work easier and more effective.


Maintaining and upgrading the quality of work and motivating our team to constantly deliver work up to  our client’s satisfaction.


Being a trustworthy and fair business partner.


From the very beginning, we have aligned our thoughts, principles and ideas with the changes of market demands, but our core values, standards of work and commitment to customers have stemmed from our firm belief in the following guiding principles.


Full control and transparency of the development process based on the Agile  principles.


We appreciate simplistic, but business-oriented approach in our communication with clients.

High Performance

We create software features and solutions boasting of high performance and interactivity.


Professional QA procedures throughout the whole app development life cycle.

Easily Maintainable

We make applications  that won’t require complex and costly maintenance and support.


We develop user friendly applications applying the most recent innovations in UX/UI.


Coming up with innovative ways to solve business problems


We relentlessly drive the quality, costs and delivery of our IT services and solutions with utmost customer centricity backed with prompt and proactive communication in order to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction.


To be honest, dedicated, fair, transparent, sincere and open in all our customer transactions.




We strive to be technologically innovative and achieve excellence in order to guarantee our customers significant business advantages.

We are committed to deliver the best industry practices coupled with emerging practical and dependable technological solutions. Our team is specialized in every aspect of software development.

We cherish our values and interactions with all our employees and clients. We have high regards for individual value which creates a transparent atmosphere that reflects on the teamwork and rapport within the company. We promise to live up to our values.


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We are Trusted
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Emilia Clarke
Denis Nadeau,
Business Owner
"Bala Group Technologies is very professional and result oriented. Their developers are much better than any other service provider.."
Emilia Clarke
Sebastien St-georges,
Business Owner
"The expert developers at Bala Group Technologies did some great work on my websites project. I want to thank the team of TechBala who took care of my suggestions minutely. Excellent services.."
Emilia Clarke
Richard Escaravage,
"Bala Group Technologies is a unique team who understands the functional side of our needs pretty well. Excellent company. I will definitely work with them again."